Torre Project


A report on the implementation of resettlement programmes in favour of refugees in six EU Member States

In the last decades the international community is paying great attention to refugees, due to the gravity and dreadfulness of those events and wars that are afflicting many regions in the world, especially Middle East and North Africa. Conflicts and poverty are in fact pushing factor for millions of people, that have to leave their own country given the severe risks for their survival occurring in their State. Alongside voluntary repatriation and local integration, resettlement is considered by UNCHR as the third durable solution in favour of refugees that, in this way, can find protection in a third State, other than that where refugees sought asylum. The High Commissioner estimates about 800.000 refugees looking for durable solutions in need of international protection, while 80.000 people only found effective help through a resettlement programme. As a matter of fact many resettlement initiatives are on experimental phase, they are not integrated in a joint cooperation system and largely done through bilateral contacts between resettlement states and UNCHR.
The project “TORRE-Transnational Observatory for Refugee's Resettlement in Europe” aims at implementing a strategic Action (Observatory) that attempts to cover this gap by promoting a more practical cooperation among partner countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Cyprus), a wider recognition of public and private organizations that carry out resettlement programmes or want to do that and a larger awareness on the resettlement issues. Such outcomes will benefit several contexts and beneficiaries such as: partners, representatives from public authorities, policy makers, social operators and key actors from NGOs working in this field, law enforcement representatives and police, media and key actors from local communities.

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